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Elizabeth was raised in North Carolina and studied Art and Interior Design at Meredith College. While trained as an Interior Designer, she had a lengthy career in marketing and finance at one of the largest financial institutions in the world. With eight relocations managing her family, pets and a high-powered career, Elizabeth is no stranger to the importance of home staging. Having lived all over the United States from the South, New York, Baltimore/DC, Chicago and San Antonio, Beth developed the ability to embrace a variety of styles and cultures.

Elizabeth cannot enter a room without immediately and unconsciously analyzing the floor plan; it is her curated eye that drives this innate sense of balance and design. For Beth, it is absolutely not about using staging “tricks” rather more about an intuitive understanding of how a home will look and function best. To watch her in action is fascinating as her eyes dance across the room; moments later, she flies into action creating perfection. Beth is a master at designing in such a way that each property exudes the aspirational lifestyle buyers want thus creating an organic connection between potential buyers and the perfectly curated home.




Jacqueline was born and raised in New York City and had a lengthy international career in luxury marketing. With over 20 years of management and marketing experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a heightened sensibility to her design decisions. Jacqueline’s professional resume includes positions at Tiffany & Co. and Sony Corporation in Manhattan as well as at Swarovski in Switzerland. With five moves in ten years, Jacque established a keen insight into the art of home staging as it was imperative to ready each home while maintaining her demanding career.

While studying Art History in Paris, Jacqueline developed a distinct sense of style along with a unique understanding of design. Jacque tends to be drawn to the traditional and classic with a profound appreciation for antiquities, fine art and collections with a history. The ability to navigate culturally diverse designs is a particular gift that Jacqueline possesses. Her great eye, honesty and “can do” attitude make staging your home efficient while delivering a perfectly curated result. 

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