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PeacefulNest offers a cost effective "Walk & Talk" consultation for the Do-It-Yourself client. With this service, we provide a comprehensive blueprint offering step-by-step guidance from the front curb of the property through the entire home, room by room, all the way to the back of the property line. We advise on curb appeal, landscaping, proper interior and exterior space planning and furniture placement for staging the property to sell. PeacefulNest has been very successful in directing our more ambitious clients to stage their own property thereby appealing to the broadest buying audience, shortening days on market and closing at the highest possible price. 

Because staging is very different from interior design, our professional home staging consultation will outline how to create an open floor plan, to reduce furniture and declutter/depersonalize as well as best use and placement of interesting accessories. We focus on enhancing curiosity in the home so a potential buyer wants to explore beyond the front door. Creating an aspirational design within each property is a key element to our staging expertise and it has proven to be successful every time! 

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